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Hario Cold Brew device

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A great device to brew Cold Brew coffee- strong, intensive beverage, which can be served with ice and enjoyed just like that or mixed with milk or cream!

For next level- add syrup and Your own home made Ice latte is ready to served!

Brew tips:

- use coarse ground coffee, preferably fresh roasted, one You can always buy from Rogers Coffee! We sugguest “French Press” grind level, if You want to choose one from our coffee products in this web shop!

- add 60grams of coffee for 1 liter of water. Adjust recipe, depending on volume and preference of coffee strenght!


- add coffee in the devices filter and add water in the carafe of the Hario cold brewer, put the lid on and leave it in the fridge for least 8 hours and max 24 hours before taking away the coffee filter.

- take away the coffee filter and fresh made cold brew is ready to be served!