About Rogers Coffee

How it all started

Rogers Coffee is a small coffee roastery located in Jakobstad, Finland. Founded by Roger Snellman in year 2015.

Roastery was initially set up in Rogers garage and since then has grown and developed. Now roastery is located in Fiika Cafe- three floor cafe in the centre of Jakobstad, serving tasty lunch, cakes, pastries and, of course, fresh roasted coffee and drinks.

Rogers Coffee brand

Our dedication is to select, roast and deliver coffee you desire. We are for adventures and believe that every coffee is an adventure itself. By choosing a coffee from our store, you choose an adventure and we truly hope it will be a fun one!

Connect and learn more

We love to share our knowledge of coffee. We will share tips and useful information for home or office coffee brewing as well as adventures in coffee roasting and more in our blog posts.

And we are always open to connecting to share our knowledge or making your order perfect fit for you, all you need to do is just contact us.

Have a nice cup of coffee!

Yours truly, Rogers Coffee

Roger Snellman- Fiika Cafe, Rogers Coffee founder, owner
Martins Kubulnieks- coffee roaster, barista