Christmas coffee bundle

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Sisältää veron. Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.

 Guatemala Huehuetenango roasted in medium roast, Brasil roasted in medium roast and Colombia Inza District roasted dark. 

All of these great coffees blended together and in spiced coffee they are blended while grinding and fresh cardamom and cinnamon is added in the mix!

This is the ultimate Christmas coffee offer, it does not get much more Christmas as that!

Perfect to gift to someone or buy Yourself to drink just Christmas coffee in Christmas celebration!


In the box included:

- Christmas spiced coffee blend coffee package 200g
- Christmas coffee blend coffee package 200g
- Christmas spiced coffee blend coffee package 250g
- Some surprises- it is Christmas (hint- it is mystery coffee and something extra)!

Simply choose prefered grind size and dive into the adventure of trying out 4 delicious coffees!